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Background and Purpose of the Fund

On April 2, 1998, Steve S, Kang was killed in an automobile accident.  He was just 28 and a graduate student at the University of Southern California's Film School.  At the time of his death, Steve was working hard to complete a film for a school project.  This film was funded in part by a scholarship that he had received the previous year.  Following Steve's death, many friends and family members thought it would be an appropriate memorial to Steve to establish a scholarship fund in his name.  To date more than one hundred individuals and organizations have donated money and talents to The Fund.

We established The Fund on the principle that funding is often a critical need to talented individuals who are developing their careers as artists and scholars.  Our goal is to support creative students and young professionals in the arts, humanities, and sciences who have a passion for their chosen field but lack the funding to achieve their dreams.  Often, talented young students and professionals are forced to struggle to find financial support.  Thus, many of them miss the opportunity to develop true independence.  The arts and sciences suffer when creativity is stifled and the chance to integrate vital new ideas and outlooks is lost.  Our efforts through The Fund are to prevent them from compromising and becoming mere craftsmen, working on projects that are not their own.  Supporting creative endeavors is sound investment for the future of arts and sciences.

Scholarships or fellowships sponsored by The Fund will assist young artists and scholars toward obtaining undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate training and creating projects that promote the arts and sciences.  Our goal is to attract promising young minds with unique talents.  The Fund will award scholarships or fellowships of up to $10,000 each year for one to three years.  Recipients will be chosen largely upon academic achievement, artistic promise and/or financial need.

The scholarship sponsored by Korean American companies and individuals will be awarded primarily to Korean American students according to the directions of sponsors.  Currently the amounts of scholarships range from $1-2000 per  year.


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