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The Steve S. Kang Young Artists and Scholars Fund



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SS Kang
                                                                                                          By Steve S. Kang


Opening Remarks for An Evening with Friends

By John Green


1Thank you all for coming this evening and welcome to “An Evening with Friends”. I am John Green. I am honored to welcome you to this fantastic event, made even more exciting tonight because we also celebrate Kimberly’s 70th Birthday. Kimberley, Happy Birthday.

As you know, the Steven S Kang Young Artists and Scholars Fund was established to honor the memory of their son Steven Kang. He was creative and passionate about the arts, film and music. Kimberley and David have chosen to support and nurture that creativity and passion in others. Young scholars and students of the arts have received financial support for their education. And I believe that those of us here tonight are greatly enriched from our participation in this event. 

My wife Patti and I have known Kimberly and David for almost 20 years, and have been supportive of the Fund since its inception. Kimberley and I first served together on the Board of a housing organization.  I found that Kimberley and David were people to be admired. They share a commitment to making our communities stronger and better. And since the tragic event that led to the creation of the Steven S Kang Young Artists and Scholars Fund, that commitment to youth and family is displayed thru courage and timeless efforts on behalf of this Fund and the young people who so greatly benefit from its financial support.

There are many people here tonight who are involved in this great cause.  Businesses, organizations and supporters of the Fund, young scholars, artists and their families all are here. I want to thank you again for sharing the night with us. I hope you enjoy this wonderful evening.  

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SS Kang Scholarship Recipients
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