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The Steve S. Kang Young Artists and Scholars Fund




The Lodge (Hyatt Hotels & Resorts)
At McDonalds Office Campus
2805 Jorie Blvd.
Oak Brook, IL  60523


                                                                                                          By Steve S. Kang





16 Forest Gate Circle , Oak Brook , Illinois 60523
Tel : 630-572-9202, Fax : 630-572-9765
E-mail: sskangfund@comcast.net
Website: sskangfund.org

Opening Remarks for An Evening with Friends


Time passes on in its linear fashion. It is inherent in nature. And as it has done so, it brings us to mid-summer 2006 and our 8th Annual “Evening with Friends.”


Good evening and welcome, dear friends. This evening we gather in honor of The Steve S. Kang Young Artists and Scholars Fund, known as “The Fund”.  The Fund was founded eight years ago to honor the memory of Steve Kang. Our vision is to build the Fund for talented young people in need of financial assistance, so that they may pursue their passions in the arts and sciences.


Starting with the initial seed money of $11,000 eight years ago, the Fund has grown to    $ 200,000 in year 2006. Your generous support and enthusiastic participation has enabled us to grant $30,000 in scholarships for each of the past 5 years. This is a significant growth from $11,000 for the first year.


The Fund and its purpose continue to become more widely acknowledged through time. We receive an increasing number of applications every year from young individuals who seek to learn and fulfill their academic potential. Since its beginning, the Fund has had opportunity to help these students fulfill their individual dreams with your assistance.  We all will ultimately benefit from their efforts and ours as we experience the arts and progress in our society.


The Fund has received generous support from many benefactors, and it has achieved a great sense of pride.  A deep, individual tragedy has inspired a meaningful, lasting memorial. It has become a proud public entity that has contributed towards the future by encouraging and developing young talent in our community. This achievement has also demonstrated a deeper commitment with the recent establishment of our Advisory Board. Some of you may consider contributing to the Fund by serving with others on our Board.


There is a Chinese proverb “If your vision is for a year, plant wheat.  If your vision is for a decade, plant trees.  If your vision is for a lifetime, plant people.  We are here, this beautiful evening, to celebrate the everlasting spirit of a young artist, Steve S. Kang, and embrace our vision of The Fund for talented young people to pursue their passion in the arts and sciences.


Please enjoy this evening as a moment of joy, hope, love, and a commitment in unity. It is but a small gesture of appreciation for your many ongoing contributions. The Fund respects your generosity, your support, and your presence here this evening.


A warm “Thank You” to each one of you on the Fund’s behalf.


From our Hearts to Yours,

Isaac Suh, on behalf of the Steve S. Kang Young Artists and Scholars Fund


Click here to view the complete 2006 program book (PDF file)


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